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Why should you buy tires from Allied Energy's Service Center?

Sep 09, 2019

At Allied, we want to continue to be competitive when it comes to our tire services. We would like to remind our customers that there are many advantages to buying from us rather than buying online.
  • We will be very competitively priced versus online tire providers.
  • If we are out of stock, you can expect us to have tires within one day of you placing an order.
  • In purchasing tires from us it removes the hassle of you buying and hauling tires around and we offer excellent customer service after your purchase. 
  • You also get years of experience, and advice from our professionals on proper tire pressure and suggested tire rotation. In addition, showing you differences in wear, traction, and what you need or what to expect from your tire purchase.
We stand behind our tire sales, and we believe that it is best for you to be able to make a deal with us in person, not talking to someone over the phone!
Give us a call today or stop down and let us show you what we can offer and the advantages of buying from your local hometown shop!

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