We help farmers grow bigger and better crops, every step of the way.
At Allied Agronomy, our highly trained team helps customer operations run efficiently by correctly positioning every piece of the crop production puzzle, beginning with seed selection and continuing all the way through harvest.
We start by providing quality, dependable customer service and support from day one. Nobody knows your fields better than you do, so our agronomists are always listening when helping you create the right crop management plan for your farm. We consistently meet the growing demand for quality agronomic services by arming our employees with most competitive lineup of technology, equipment and precision ag services in the industry.
Our agronomists work closely with farmers to help them select the best seed for their acres. We utilize fine-tuned yield data, historical satellite imagery, organic imagery and soil types to help determine which crop varieties and hybrids will perform best in every area of every field.

 After helping you match the best seeds to your fields and farming practices, we make sure you plant them at the right populations with the right seed treatments and fertility levels.
We continue to help you manage that crop throughout the growing season by scouting your fields and using in-season satellite imagery to identify and overcome challenges, and optimize yield potential. Managing risk is the most important factor to success, so whether applying custom crop protection products or fertility treatments, we help you make good in-season crop management decisions that achieve a positive return on investment while keeping the sustainability of your fields at the forefront.
In short, we want to be part of your team and help you grow bigger and better crops well into the future. If you’re not working with an Allied agronomist, it’s never too late to start. Contact us today to start realizing your operation’s fullest potential.

Seed Brands

Allied Agronomy sells and supports some of the best crop seed on the market, including crops like wheat, canola, soybeans, corn, sunflowers, alfalfa and forage grasses. We are proud to offer the following seed brand portfolios:

2020 Corn & Soybean Seed Guide
Dekalb-logo-A84DFBBAF4-seeklogo-com1.png asgrow-(2).png CROPLAN-large1.png  ND-State-Seed1.jpg NKSeedLogo-(2).png West-Bred1.jpg

Financing Programs

Allied Agronomy offers financing through several programs to our customers.

WinField United Secure
Allied Agronomy is an authorized retailer for the Winfield Secure Financing program. It’s available for Croplan, Dekalb, Asgrow, NK, and Mycogen seed brands, along with any vended crop protection products sourced by Winfield.
A single-page application is all that’s required to get started, as well as an entity authorization form if you are applying as a business entity. Qualified borrowers can get up to $250,000 in unsecured financing under this program, with a maturity date of February, 2021 for the loan.

John Deere Financial
Allied Agronomy has partnered with John Deere Financial to offer special terms financing on seed and crop protection, along with their regular finance programs that have been in place for a number of years.
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Suggested Corn Hybrids

3899VT2P 2018 98 day CROPLAN 252 Learn More
3575VT2P 2018 95 day CROPLAN 223 Learn More
3499VT2P 2018 94 day CROPLAN 226 Learn More
3314VT2P 2018 93 day CROPLAN N/A Learn More
2845VT2P 2018 89 day CROPLAN 248 Learn More
DKC45-66 2018 95 day DEKALB 221 Learn More
DKC44-15 2018 94 day DEKALB 229 Learn More
DKC44-80 2018 94 day DEKALB 256 Learn More
DKC42-05 2018 92 day DEKALB 267 Learn More
DKC41-99 2018 91 day DEKALB N/A Learn More
DKC37-86 2018 87 Day DEKALB 247 Learn More
DKC37-50 2018 87 day DEKALB 239 Learn More
NK9227 2018 92 day NK 255 Learn More
NK8920 2018 89 day NK 251 Learn More
NK8618 2018 86 day NK 238 Learn More

Suggested Soybean Varieties

Variety  Plot Season Relative Maturity Brand AP Yield Data* Variety Info
RX1450 2018 1.4 CROPLAN 73 Learn More
RX1300 2018 1.3 CROPLAN 67 Learn More
RX1100 2018 1.1 CROPLAN 72 Learn More
RX0960 2018 0.9 CROPLAN 64 Learn More
RX0700 2018 0.7 CROPLAN 69 Learn More
AG15X9 2018 1.5 ASGROW N/A Learn More
AG14X8 2018 1.4 ASGROW 70 Learn More
AG11X8 2018 1.1 ASGROW 71 Learn More
AG10X9 2018 1 ASGROW 73 Learn More
AG09X9 2018 0.9 ASGROW 65 Learn More
AG08X8 2018 0.8 ASGROW 61 Learn More
AG05X9 2018 0.5 ASGROW 66 Learn More
AG04X9 2018 0.4 ASGROW 58 Learn More
AG03X7 2018 .03 ASGROW 61 Learn More
S14-B2X 2018 1.4 NK 75 Learn More
S10-H7X 2018 1.0 NK 65 Learn More
S06-K4X 2018 0.6 NK 67 Learn More


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