Overwintering Corn Considerations

Jan 02, 2020 | Allied ND
This season has led many farmers to have corn still left out in the field, and some farmers are now forced to delay harvest until spring. What are the risks of letting the corn crop stay out there until spring? Also, if I can harvest what are some of the considerations I need to ...

Pre-Harvest Burndown of Wheat

Aug 08, 2019 | Allied ND
Learn more about wheat pre-harvest burndown with agronomist Nathan Elhard out of our Kulm location. 

Scouting with Satellite Imagery

Jul 16, 2019 | Allied ND
Using satellite imagery can be helpful in a number of ways for scouting fields. Alex McInnes from our Jamestown Location explains more. 

Fungicide Application Scouting for Head Scab in Wheat

Jul 03, 2019 | Allied ND
With Andrew Gegelman in Gackle assessing fields for application of fungicide to protect the wheat from Head Scab. 

Dicamba Spraying Reminders

Jun 20, 2019 | Allied ND
This week we went to Jud to talk with Ryan Sayler about spraying reminders as well as the June 30th deadline! Be sure to check your particular region for Dicamba spraying deadlines as they differ from region to region!

Scouting Wheat for Flag Leaf Fungicide Application

Jun 14, 2019 | Allied ND
In the field with Cole Hendrickson and Jason Vollmer this week getting some insights on scouting wheat for fungicide applications at flag leaf.