2020 Seed Supply Update

Mar 05, 2020

Seed supply update, week of March 2nd 2020 by Jared Nitschke Southern Territory GM.

With the spring season upon us we are starting to see another spark in corn hybrids and soybean varieties.  There is some concern of tightness in supply of each crop, but the true concern really lies in the early maturities.  We have seen an interest and a trend across our territory for earlier maturities due to the possibility of another condensed spring season and avoiding the possibility of Mother Nature throwing us another curve ball next fall.  Another reason early maturities are gaining interest is the simple fact of wanting to start harvest earlier and spreading the risk out of when late summer rains occur. 
Because of the potential shift across our region earlier maturing corn and soybean supplies have been tight.  At this point I would not call them sold out, but we will want to make sure bookings and sales are spoken for sooner than later in corn from 81-87 day and any soybean variety under a 0.5 maturity.  This supply number will also be impacted by what Mother Nature does for us from now until planting time as well in determining what acres will be forced to be PP.  While there are still many variables that will play into the supply of early corn and soybeans I will recommend that if your farm has an interest in trying earlier maturities, make sure to work with any of our staff so we can continue to locate supply and have it in place for spring.  Thanks again for all your business and trust you have placed with our people and Allied Agronomy.    

This article is an opinion on seed supply and is not a base used to make trading decisions.  Allied Companies is not liable for trading decisions made based on the above article.

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